The transfer die allows creating pieces that require multiple machining operations on a single machine.  Its works at a lower production rate than the progressive die. The product is moved from an external piece of equipment to the die (i.e. transfer) and is “passed” from one machining operation to the next.

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The transfer die allows greater freedom of movement compared to the progressive die since it is not restricted by the use of a single die. The products are transferred raw, thanks to the use of manipulators or synchronised transfer bars, with two or three axes.

The transfer mechanism is not part of the die, which restricts it use, guaranteeing however the possibility to make pieces that require multiple machining operations on a single machine. In general, this type of die allows producing products that are more aesthetically pleasing, at a slightly higher cost.

This type of die is created to produce parts with specific technical and aesthetic requirements, allowing the company to carry out machining operations that would not be possible to obtain with a simple progressive die.


Production of high quality and precision components


Dies designed especially for robotic press lines